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I have always avoided MLMs and network marketing. I thought they were all a scam and I didn’t believe in having to pay to work for a company… but then I found Color Street. 

At first I didn’t have any interest in becoming a Color Street stylist. I started out as a customer. Every couple of months I would buy a few sets from a friend who sold them and that was it, until one day when she posted on Facebook about becoming a stylist. 

The initial investment was low and the start-up kit came with everything. I was still skeptical, so I started asking her a ton of questions. I talked things over with my husband and we couldn’t find a reason to pass up the opportunity. 

Taking A Leap Of Faith

In April of 2020 I made the big decision. At the time I had two toddlers and I was pregnant with my 3rd. I knew that I wouldn’t have much time to dedicate running a new business. I was entering unchartered territory for myself and there was a possibility that it might not work out. With all the unknowns of Covid just ramping up, I had to take the chance.

I spent the $129 to order my start-up kit and right away set up my Facebook group. I started making posts and inviting all of my family and friends. I wanted everyone to share in my excitement.

About a week after I received my start up kit I got my first couple orders. At that point I knew it was the beginning of something amazing. 

It wasn’t long before one of my cousins started asking me how she could become a stylist also. Bringing her on and officially starting my team was an even bigger boost to my confidence. 

I quickly realized that I didn’t need to “sell” the product or the opportunity. All I had to do was talk honestly about why I loved it with the people around me. This is really a product and a company that sells itself.

Click HERE to find out more or order your start-up kit today

Hostess With The Mostest

I love that Color Street has so many options for getting familiar with their products and their company. If you think a lot of your friends and family would be interested in the product, but you’re not ready to make the commitment of becoming a stylist, you can host a nail bar. 

Color Street offers amazing host rewards, plus I always send my hosts an extra little gift. The best thing about hosting a nail bar is you can do it completely online and all you have to do is pick a theme and invite your friends. I do my nail bars through Facebook events and I create all of the content for the event. I am always booking new nail bars so shoot me an email at or join my Facebook group HERE and let me know you are interested. 

Just Use The Product

If you aren’t looking for a new business venture at the moment but want to enjoy the product for yourself you can order HERE. Solids, glitters, and designs are always buy 3 get 1 free and French are buy 1 get 1 free. Join my Facebook VIP group for additional promotions, information about on hand inventory and daily restocks. 

If you want to give the product a try for free before taking any other steps, send me an email at to request a sample. The best way to use the twosie samples is to apply normal nail polish to 3 of your fingers and use the sample strips as an accent on the other two. This will give you a great side by side comparison. 

Have you used Color Street for years? Is this your first time hearing about it? Use the comments section below to let me know what you think of it!

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