Starting A Mom Blog – How I Found Success With A Baby On My Hip

I’ve always wanted to be able to make a living doing something creative and independent, but like most people I always found myself working for someone else. When my son was born I knew that I had to figure something out so I could spend more time with him. That’s when it hit me… A BLOG! I had never considered starting a mom blog before so how was I going to do it?

Where Do I Start?

Not only had I had never blogged before, but hadn’t even written much at all since college. So where was I supposed to start?

Well, like with anything the first place I turned was Google. I started searching things like ‘how to start a blog?’ and ‘how to make money with a blog?’. I came across a lot of information but still felt pretty lost.

I also had no idea what I wanted to write about. There were a lot of things that I was passionate about; my dogs, real estate, sports. But I wanted to help people.

My First Website

Eventually I decided maybe I could use my experience with infertility to help other people in the same position. My husband and I struggled for 6 years before I finally got pregnant with my son, but up until now I felt like I was so busy searching for answers that there wasn’t any possible way I could offer them to someone else.

I found a hosting site a spent a few hundred dollars to pay for my domain name and hosting for the next couple years. I started designing my site and even created a few pages of content but I still felt lost.

I tried to promote my new site on Facebook, but the 20 people who followed my page just because we were friends wasn’t getting me anywhere.

Game Changer

I kept searching Google trying to figure out how to get real traffic to my site so I could make an actual impact, and hopefully at some point some money too. That was when I finally came across a review for Wealthy Affiliate.

This person talked about how successful they became from using this site. It was a story I had read so many times before, but this time something stood out to me. IT WAS FREE!!!

I had already shelled out a few hundred dollars for this and just had a new baby so the last thing I would be able to do was convince my husband that we should throw more money at this dream. Being able to get started for free was a game changer. I could give this a try without any financial commitment. I didn’t have to give them my credit card, I didn’t have a time limit, it was perfect.

Content is King

As I started the training and realized that it was all about creating content, and a lot of it. But I just couldn’t think of enough things to write about. I was lucky if I could get two or three posts out in a month, there was no way I could average a post every day or two. So what was I supposed to do?

I had to figure out a way to create more content. Well I found myself wanting to write about the only thing I could think about at that point: my new baby.

As a new parent I found myself googling just about everything baby related. If I was searching it, other people must also be searching it too. So why not help give them the answers that I was finding in an easier to understand way.

The Birth Of My Mommy Blog

I was able to create a free site on Wealthy Affiliate geared toward parenting. This time around I was starting with a lot more direction so not only was the content flowing much more easily, but I was also able to make it more accessible to the public.

I had finally found my niche and it was working for me. I was passionate about it and, like any mom, I had more than enough stories and tips to fill up a blog.

Taking It To The Next Level

I still needed to figure out how to reach a bigger audience. As great as the free resources were on Wealthy Affiliate, I wanted more. More direction, more support, more exposure.

I ended up taking advantage of the first month discount that they offered for the premium membership and since then I’ve been busy, really busy. Not just creating content, but learning how to do it better and networking with other likeminded people.

Who Can Become A Blogger

I’ve really learned that with the right resources, anyone can become a successful blogger. As a new parent, starting a mom blog is almost a no brainer. You have plenty of content to write about because a baby really is a new adventure everyday. If you do it right and start making money from it, you get to spend more time at home with your baby, which gives you more content and allows you to make more money. See how great that cycle is?


Click HERE if you want more information about how to get your blog started and please share your success stories below.

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