Life After Infertility

After years of infertility and nine months of pregnancy, there’s still never enough time to prepare for life after infertility. Before our little bundle of joy finally arrived, we had the nursery decorated, a closet full of baby clothes, and more diapers and wipes than we knew what to do with, but even with all of this prep we still had to find our new normal once we got home from the hospital. Continue reading “Life After Infertility”

Having a Rainbow Baby

After a storm, a rainbow is a beautiful result of the dark and turbulent time. Having to go through the storm allows us to be even more appreciative of the beauty of the rainbow. Having a rainbow baby is very similar. After dealing with infertility and pregnancy loss, there is nothing more beautiful than a healthy pregnancy. Don’t feel bad though if it doesn’t always feel like the perfect picture that you had imagined. Continue reading “Having a Rainbow Baby”

My Journey to a Rainbow Baby

Why I’m Here

This has been a long time in the making and for many years now I have wanted to find a way to help people going through similar experiences to mine. My husband I dealt with infertility for 6 years. We went through IVF and also started working with an adoption agency. I finally became pregnant with our rainbow baby and I hope that my story can help you through your adventure through parenthood. I have tried to provide a variety of resources for you to help you along your journey as well. Continue reading “My Journey to a Rainbow Baby”