Workout With Kids – How to Get in Shape After Having a Baby

Whether you just had a baby, or your kids are older, you may have dreamed about getting your pre-baby body back. After my son was born, all I wanted to know was how to get in shape after having a baby. What if I told you that it was possible to get back in shape without worrying about finding a babysitter or signing up for a gym membership? Well its true, you can workout with kids of any age.

That bench that you normally sit on while you watch your kids play can be put to much better use. I have put together a list of exercises you can do while your kids are playing at the park.

Remember to start slow. Set some realistic goals for yourself and don’t quit if you fall off for a little while. You will probably want to start with 2 or 3 workouts, doing 3 – 5 sets of 8 – 12 reps per exercise. I’m starting this journey now too.

Take The Family For A Walk

Whether there is a park near your house or not, you can start taking the family for a walk. Not only will this help you burn off those pesky pounds, but it will also help your older kids and dogs get their energy out and a stroller ride may help put your baby to sleep.

A one mile walk will help you burn between 50 and 150 pounds, depending on how much you weigh, so it’s a great habit to get the whole family in. My husband and I like to go for walks after dinner, but we are lucky enough to live near a park so we also like to walk there for more of a workout.


You can do lunges around the park while your kids play, or while you’re pushing your baby’s stroller.

  • What muscles do it work: Glutes, hamstrings, & quads (that’s right, your butt and thighs)
  • How difficult is it: Easy
  • How to do it: Take a long step forward and bend your front knee until your knee is over your ankle.


Squats are a great work out and if you want to add a little weight you can do them while holding your baby or with them in a carrier.

  • What muscles do it work: Butt, thighs, and hips.
  • How difficult is it: Medium
  • How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and sit until your knee makes a 90 degree angle.

Step Ups

There are plenty of places on a playground where you can do step ups. There are also a few variations you can do to adjust the difficulty.

  • What muscles do it work: Butt and thighs
  • How difficult is it: Easy
  • How to do it: Step up onto a surface with one foot and then the other, then back down one at a time. To up the difficulty you can bring the knee of your second leg up toward your chest instead of stepping.

Box Jumps

These can be intimidating but the great thing is you can start with a lower surface and work your way up. Park benches are a great option and they aren’t too difficult.

  • What muscles do it work: Butt and full legs (don’t worry we’ll get to some other muscle groups too)
  • How difficult is it: Difficult
  • How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with your target surface in front of you and jump with both feet at the same time.

Tricep Dips

Let’s move on to some upper body. Find a surface that is somewhere between your knee and thigh for this one. Park benches are great or you can find a spot on a play structure.

  • What muscles do it work: Triceps (the wings on the backs of our arms)
  • How difficult is it: Medium
  • How to do it: Place your hands (fingers forward) on the surface with your legs out in front of you (knees bent) and bend your elbows, dropping your butt toward the ground.


I’m not talking about your traditional pushups on the ground (although you could do those if you wanted too), these are much easier.

  • What muscles do it work: Chest and upper arms
  • How difficult is it: Medium
  • How to do it: Find a surface about waist high. Standing a few feet away, lean forward with you hands on the surface and do a traditional pushup motion.

Pull Ups

This is by far the hardest workout on the list. If you can’t do a pull up, don’t worry. I can’t do one either. The alternative is to just hold your chin above the bar for as long as you can (even if its only a few seconds). Monkey bars are great for this workout.

  • What muscles do it work: Biceps
  • How difficult is it: Difficult
  • How to do it: Hold onto the bar with your arms extended and pull yourself up, bending your elbows, until your chin is above the bar.


Where Will All This Work Get You?

These exercises are all focused on building and toning muscle, but that will also help you burn fat. You also don’t have to worry that you’ll get “too big”. The goal is to develop lean muscle.

Your diet will also contribute to your success, but that’s a different topic for a different time.


Share your journey (whether your just getting started or you’ve been at it for a while) or ask any questions you have about these exercises.

6 thoughts on “Workout With Kids – How to Get in Shape After Having a Baby”

  1. Hi Rainbow Mommy,

    What a beautiful picture and a pleasant surprise when I landed here at the beginning of this lovely article.

    My better half (as they say – I don’t know why lol) soon bringing another beautiful baby into the World, and so I thought I’d be considerate, and find ways to help her to lose any (if any) extra weight.

    I know that this is her intention and so I’d thought I surprise her with fun and effective ways to achieve this 🙂 .

    I smiled when I seen the picture of doing squats holding the baby as I imagined that would be great fun for the child, and, you are getting a good and happy work out.

    I will be certainly passing on these invaluable tips and tricks for losing weight after giving birth to a baby to my better half (there is that phrase again lol).

    All the best and it really was a heart warming pleasure to read your lovely article.



    1. Congratulations on the new baby coming soon. If you’re anything like my husband, I’m sure you think your wife still looks perfect (my husband actually told me he was more attracted to me after I had my son) but we appreciate the support when it comes to getting back in shape. Feel free to check out other articles on my site because I have a lot of tips and tricks for newborns as well as some product reviews that might help.

  2. I think exercise with your baby is the best idea to create bonding with your child and maintaining your fitness. There’s a quote said, the best gift you can give to your family and the world is a healthy you. Mother nowadays spending their time too much to take care of their child but they started to neglect their own self-care. I don’t want my parents to be sick. And so does your child.

    Thank you for this post. I hope you can create awareness to all parents.

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